Cuenca Delivery and Pick-Up, Farm Pick-Up

Thank you for your interest in our fresh, healthy, delicious tasting, sustainably grown farm products!

GRAN ROCA offers Farm-to-Table Delivery and Pick-up Services in Cuenca on Monday afternoons, and Pick-up Services directly from our farm on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. For information about what products are available and how to purchase them, you can sign-up to receive our Weekly Newsletter that includes important information about our how our On-Line Store works, changes and new offerings, times and locations, and a link to our On-Line Store (like Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc.) where you can select the items you wish to purchase. Terms are cash on delivery or pick-up. If you do not currently receive our Weekly Newsletter, and would like to be added to the list, click Newsletter.


    Why you want to buy from GRAN ROCA?

  • GRAN ROCA produce is picked fresh in the morning for sale in the afternoon
  • GRAN ROCA chickens, ducks, turkeys, pigs and cows are raised on pasture
  • GRAN ROCA offers packaged products made in its commercial kitchen
  • GRAN ROCA products are healthy and delicious. You CAN tell the difference
  • GRAN ROCA produce and animals are grown or raised sustainably without chemicals
  • Most GRAN ROCA produce sells for $1 or less
  • For questions you can email us at We are happy to answer your questions about our products, and appreciate your feedback.
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