As it has been explained to me, much of the beef sold in Ecuador is “milk cow meat” and of very poor quality. As I see it, there is no reason to kill a milk cow that is producing milk. So, I can only conclude that if the animals are being taken to the slaughterhouse, they must no longer be producing sufficient (or any) milk. Why? I can only come up with two reasons. The animals are either “sick” or “old.”

We have some direct knowledge of this here in a farming area in Yunguilla. There is a family business with a truck that regularly drives around looking for farms to buy cheap/unwanted cattle (read “sick” or “old”). These animals are “warehoused” on a road near our farm, so we see them, (enough to make you a vegetarian), before they are transported to Cuenca to the slaughterhouse.

In contrast, at GRAN ROCA, we have a program for pasture raised Artisan Charolais Steer Beef, (a breed for meat selected by fine dining establishments), dry aged (practically unheard of in Ecuador), professionally butchered to North American Standards, (practically unheard of in Ecuador), for you to prepare and serve the best food ever.

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