The average chicken in Ecuador (and in most other countries) spends its entire life cooped up inside a very large, (tens of thousands of chickens), over-crowded chicken house, is often de-beaked to prevent injury to itself and others, stands all day in poop with a stench beyond imagination, is fed antibiotics and hormones, is subjected to ear-splitting noise, and never touches soil or grass or sees the light of day. And in spite of the daily regimen of antibiotics, many of these poor animals are sick and many others die from the stressful “living conditions”.

In contrast, at GRAN ROCA, both our Artisan Broilers (chickens for meat) and Layers (chickens for eggs) are housed in groups of fewer than 100, on pasture, in a protective Chicken Tractor, fed whole-foods without antibiotics or hormones, are moved daily to fresh pasture without poop or smell, are able to scratch in the soil, eat plenty of grass and bugs and see the natural daily cycles of day and night. It is a lot harder to do it this way, but this is how you produce the best ingredients…that make the most delicious food…while supporting optimal health.

The pasturing of our Layers (chickens for eggs) gives the eggs superior flavor and texture, that you CAN taste, with a creamy orange yolk unlike the commercial (even organic) eggs that are yellow and runny. (ewwww)

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